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Never travel without your Passport

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Office General is proud to introduce our Passport Plus and Passport Elite Membership Programs, providing you with all of the comforts and amenities of an executive office around the world.

The Passport is a great way to meet with clients, coordinate presentations or even just get some work done when the your office isn’t an option.

The Passport is also ideal for the everyday business traveler who has needs to set up shop temporarily at home or on the road. It’s an excellent way to accommodate clients anywhere.

  Passport Accessible Rooms:   Amenities Include:

  - Conference Rooms
  - Board Rooms
  - Day Offices
  - Hot Desks

  - On-Site Administrative & IT Support
  - Wireless Internet
  - Copy Center
  - Modern Décor
  - 24 Hour Security
  - Video Conferencing
  - Break Lounge


Our facilities also include fully furnished private offices available to you for your business needs such as phone, fax, computer and internet access. The facilities have round the clock access with a simple swipe of your card. With all of these amenities and the peace of mind for coordinating your meetings and travel needs it’s no wonder any business needs a Passport.