Owl Integrated Asterisk VOIP
Owl Integrated Asterisk VOIP is the Serviced Business Center Industry's first and only Fully Integrated turnkey telephony solution. Hosted on your premises, OWL VOIP connects to CenterOwl, OWL Call Accounting and OWL Front Desk and provides high impact, low cost, fully integrated customer and business center telephony.


Integrated VOIP means:
Increased margin opportunity
Exceptional scalability and reliability
Unified messaging- fax, voicemail and email (in one user interface)
User handset activation and deactivation, greeting and option controls

Call Accounting:
OWL Call Accounting captures all center calls in their detail before automatically sending the data to billing and accounting.

Front Desk:
OWL Front Desk is a full-featured, windows based application designed to support OWL VOIP and OWL Web Engine. Pop-up windows...Full integration...Its all there.